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12/13/13 – How Family, Friends & Outside Influences Can & Have Ruined Relationships! Call in 347-989-8310 9p-1a Est

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10/04/13 – Why Are Black Relationships Failing In 2013? Joined By Redd Velvet! 9pm est

In Tonight’s show we will joined by Red Velvet, a woman who made one of the best youtube videos that I have seen in a long time and we are going to discuss it as well as black relationships 347-989-8310

Why are more and more people dating out of their race among blacks?

Why does Tommy think black women are fascinated with white men?

Why are black men not marrying black women?

We want to know exactly how you feel about it and others who do it,  be honest!!!

So join us Friday Oct 4th 9pm est to 1am est right here!

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